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Our procedure

Our advice is characterised by the fact that our responsible partner will personally supervise the entire search process from initial contact with the client right up to the presentation of suitable candidates.

A successful placement would be based on an analysis of the company, organisational and task structures at our clients in order to create a precise requirement profile for the vacant position. This gives us a comprehensive insight into the processes and we also get to know the corporate culture and we can then identify suitable candidates.

Our search strategy involves a realistic analysis of the market and the target companies and is specifically aligned to the position placement. We will also use our network as well as internal and external databases.

We will contact the candidates in a professional, competent and courteous manner and, naturally, we will always comply with the legal requirements.

We guarantee our clients wide-ranging transparency through regular information updates about the project's progress.

We will accompany the on-site presentation of the candidates in order to ensure that the candidates and the company are a perfect match for one another. We are advisors to both companies and candidates and we will point out opportunities and risks for both sides during the placement process.

If requested, we would also involve ourselves in the contract negotiations, taking into account the views of both sides and assisting in finding a compromise.

We receive references that are worth their name. This information comes from reliable intermediaries who have got to know the candidates in their specific working environment. The references portray a balanced view of the candidates and highlight their relevant strengths as well as their development areas.

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